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Navigating the SR&ED claims process

EY’s dedicated SR&ED professionals have emerged as leaders in the SR&ED space, helping companies get the most out of R&D tax incentives. Here are some of the services we provide to support you through the claims process.

SR&ED claim planning
Did you know the CRA likes to see SR&ED claims structured according to technological advancement? (It’s also the best way to identify the full extent of work that went into development.) We can work with you to plan your claim to meet this and other CRA preferences, helping to optimize your return on investment.

SR&ED claim process management
Choosing the right process model to demonstrate your eligible activities and costs is imperative to maximizing the value (and ensuring the defensibility) of your SR&ED claim. With experience in every industry and sector, we can recommend the process that will yield the most value with the least disruption to your business.

SR&ED claim preparation
We have the dedicated resources to focus on the unique issues and opportunities surrounding your claim; whether we write your project description for you or support your team’s in-house preparations, we can help maximize your return based on your corporation’s tax history and projected taxable income, recommending strategies for using federal and provincial SR&ED incentives to improve on past results.

SR&ED claim defense
The key to a successful SR&ED audit is to be prepared. SR&ED claims can be subject to rebuttal, arbitration, objection or appeal, but we have a wealth of experience to help you focus on the issues that will support your claim and allay CRA concerns. We can guide you through the audit process or conduct an audit defense on your behalf.

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