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Tax Alerts – Canada

Publications and articles

EY`s tax policy and controversy briefing: Issue 14, June 2014
This edition provides coverage of all four Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) discussion drafts released so far in 2014. For three of the discussion drafts, we also provide an analysis article based on EY’s comment letters to the OECD. In addition, we also include articles on the US IRS’s transfer pricing audit roadmap, FATCA, the OECD’s Common Reporting Standard, European Union developments and a range of country articles.

Tax Insights for business leaders
In our first edition of our re-launched magazine Tax Insights for business leaders, we consider the future of tax in the context of “‘fairness’” and outline seven trends we see shaping the future of tax: cooperative compliance, legislative change to address changing business realities, transparency, tax administrations evolving their ways of working, the impact of “big data,” tax competition between jurisdictions and how to balance the priorities of a variety of stakeholders.

Visit our Tax Insights website for even more insights, daily tax news and interactive content, as well as the mobile edition of our magazine.

EY Family Business Yearbook 2014
One is the maker of arguably Canada’s most famous chocolates. The other is the fifth generation of a Brazilian family guiding the growth of a leading retailer. You can read these family business success stories — and others — in EY’s first-ever Family Business Yearbook.

Overcoming compliance fatigue: 13th Global Fraud Survey
According to EY’s latest Global Fraud Survey, fewer than 30% of Canadian organizations see cybercrime as a significant risk. Still, 60% say the threat of hackers concerns them. While the pressure on companies for timely disclosure of breaches is rising in many jurisdictions, our survey found 74% of businesses globally didn’t disclose a public breach of security.


Business immigration alerts and updates
For the latest information on Canadian and US business immigration issues from Egan LLP, a business immigration law firm allied with Ernst & Young LLP in Canada, visit

EY’s Family Business Blog
Get the latest thinking on the most pressing issues faced by family businesses by following the EY Family Business Blog. New topics will be explored on a weekly basis. Read about succession planning, growth, wealth management, governance, entrepreneurship and more. Visit

Focus on private business
Because we believe in the power of private mid-market companies, we invest in people, knowledge and services to help you address the unique challenges and opportunities you face in the private mid-market space.

Online tax calculators and rates
Frequently referred to by financial planning columnists, this popular feature on lets you compare the combined federal and provincial 2013 and 2014 personal tax bills in each province and territory. The site also includes an RRSP savings calculator and personal tax rates and credits for all income levels. Our corporate tax-planning tools include federal and provincial tax rates for small-business rate income, manufacturing and processing rate income, general rate income and investment income.

Tax counsel and litigation
For news and thought leadership from Couzin Taylor LLP, a tax law boutique allied with Ernst & Young LLP in Canada, visit

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EY's Federal Income Tax Act, 2014 (12th) Edition EY’s Federal Income Tax Act, 2014 (12th) Edition
Editors: Greg Boehmer, Fraser Gall, Jay Hutchison

Complete coverage of Canada’s Income Tax Act and Regulations. New with this edition — interactive online features! Purchase of a print book includes access to an online, updated and searchable copy of the Federal Income Tax Act.
EY’s Guide to Tax Research and Writing, 7th edition EY’s Guide to Tax Research and Writing, 7th edition
Editors: Maureen De Lisser, Bob Neale, Yves Plante

Learn the tax research process, how laws are enacted, and how to communicate your findings to your clients. Written for accountants, lawyers and other professionals in public practice, industry, education and government with a basic familiarity with the concepts and principles of Canadian income tax.