TaxMatters@EY - March 2013

Check out our helpful online tax calculators and rates

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Aneela Rojo, Lucie Champagne and Bob Neale, Toronto

Frequently referred to by financial planning columnists, our 2013 Personal tax calculator is found on our website at This tool permits you to compare the combined federal and provincial 2013 personal income tax bill in each province and territory. A second calculator allows you to compare the 2012 combined federal and provincial personal income tax bill.

You’ll also find our helpful 2013 and comparative 2012 personal income tax planning tools:

  • An RRSP savings calculator showing the tax saving from your contribution
  • Personal tax rates and credits, by province and territory, for all income levels

In addition, our site also offers you valuable 2013 and comparative 2012 corporate income tax planning tools:

  • Combined federal–provincial corporate income tax rates for small-business rate income, manufacturing and processing income, and general rate income
  • Provincial corporate income tax rates for small business rate income, manufacturing and processing income and general rate income
  • Corporate income tax rates for investment income earned by Canadian-controlled private corporations and other corporations

You’ll find these useful resources and several others — including our latest perspectives, thought leadership, Tax Alerts, Managing Your Personal Taxes 2012-13 – A Canadian Perspective, up-to-date 2013 budget information, past issues of Tax Matters@EY and much more — at