TaxMatters@EY - May 2013

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Tax Alerts — Canada

Publications and articles

2013 Worldwide corporate tax guide
Our recently updated guide covers even more countries than before. Gain insight into each country’s tax system as well as recent corporate tax developments.

Rapid-growth markets
At last, there are signs that stability could be returning to the global economy. As a result, the risks to growth are receding and we can be more confident about our baseline forecast for rapid-growth markets (RGMs). International trade will drive world growth over the coming decade, and RGMs are set to play an ever more influential role.


Business immigration alerts and updates
For the latest information on Canadian and US business immigration issues from Egan LLP, a business immigration law firm allied with Ernst & Young LLP in Canada, visit

Global Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Our Global Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation connects and informs entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes as they progress on their growth journey.

Online tax calculators and rates
Frequently referred to by financial planning columnists, this popular feature on lets you compare the combined federal and provincial 2012 and 2013 personal tax bills in each province and territory. The site also includes an RRSP savings calculator and personal tax rates and credits for all income levels. Our corporate tax-planning tools include federal and provincial tax rates for small-business rate income, manufacturing and processing rate income, general rate income and investment income.

Tax counsel and litigation
For news and thought leadership from Couzin Taylor LLP, a tax law boutique allied with Ernst & Young LLP in Canada, visit

CA Store

EY’s Federal Income Tax Act, 2012 (10th) edition EY’s Federal Income Tax Act, 2013 (11th) edition
Editors: Greg Boehmer, Fraser Gall, Jay Hutchison

Complete coverage of Canada’s Income Tax Act and Regulations. Includes an insert with the Budget 2013 proposals. Also available in eBook format.
EY’s Guide to the Taxation of Mining Operations, 1st Edition EY’s Guide to the Taxation of Mining Operations, 1st Edition
Editors: John Chan, André Lortie, Jim MacLean, Michael Sabatino, Bruce Sprague, Tom Stack

Aperçu des règles fédérales relatives à l’impôt sur le revenu qui s’appliquent aux activités minières, analyses détaillées sur des sujets tels que les comptes de ressources, les actions accréditives, les règles sur les sociétés remplaçantes, les investissements de non-résidents dans des activités minières au Canada ainsi que les activités de succursales étrangères et de filiales. Les impôts sur les mines imposés par la Colombie-Britannique, l’Ontario, la Saskatchewan et le Québec sont aussi abordés.