Yoshitaka Kato

Area Managing Partner – Japan Area

Yoshitaka Kato is the Managing Partner of our Japan Area, home to 7,000 EY people and an exciting center of transaction activity.

Kato san and the Japan Area leadership team have a shared focus on serving the large domestic market in Japan, as well as working with inbound and outbound investors, including many leading global businesses.

Kato san continues to work with many of Japan's leading businesses.

Previous experience

Kato san has more than 25 years experience in Assurance and Advisory Business Services and had worked on major projects for many world-leading Japanese companies. He also established EY's Advisory Services business in Japan.

Kato san became People Leader for Japan in June 2006, at which time he joined the Area Executive.


A graduate of the Department of Business Management at Tohoku university, Kato san spent nearly 10 years working in the United States, advising Japanese businesses with US interests, and US businesses with activities in Japan.


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