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EY Young Leader Insurance

Our EY Young Leader initiative is an exclusive program for rising stars in the Swiss insurance industry. It is designed to provide future leaders with essential business insights and network opportunities throughout the ecosystem.

The Swiss insurance industry is currently undergoing fundamental changes. New attackers such as InsurTechs and industry outsiders are entering the market and threatening traditional service providers. Swiss insurers therefore need innovative and connected future leaders to master the challenges ahead and strengthen their business in the long run.

To help Swiss insurers stay on track, EY set up a Young Leader network where insurers regularly gain industry knowledge at events and workshops.You can find detailed information about upcoming events and pictures of past events below.

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If you want your company to join this platform, submit your nominees on the nomination form.

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  • Under the age of 40
  • Up for promotion for significant leadership role
  • Exceptional skills and insurance knowledge
  • Long-term commitment



Third Event – 25 January 2018

Building trust, beyond digital
Smith and de Luma, Zurich


17:00 Registration
  17:30 Welcome & Introduction
  17:40 Keynote speech
  18:00 Break-out Sessions
  19:00 Panel
  19:30 Apéro Riche & selected wine tasting Smith & Smith