Emerging Entrepreneur Category Winner

Arthur Chow

6waves, CEO

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In 2008, Arthur Chow gave up a good corporate position and stability to join hands with 3 friends to establish a new company. As he firmly believes that “chance favors only the prepared mind”, he seized the business opportunity in the growing social gaming space and started a business which eventually turned to become a leading global company in the sector, 6waves.

Witnessing the exponential growth of Facebook, Arthur predicted that a variety of apps would appear on this platform. He saw an untapped market for localized apps in various countries and decided to create them to serve the users’ needs.

He also recognized that as the demand for games grows, a better business model is to cooperate with other developers by introducing more games to 6waves users. This led to the innovation of games publishing on Facebook, which helped to lower the resources and costs required to develop a game while diversifying operational risks for the company.

In 2011 and 2012, Arthur carried out several international M&As to expand his businesses. His extensive connections in the gaming and internet sectors, together with the teams the company acquired, have propelled 6waves into one of the largest gaming publishers and developers on Facebook and the mobile gaming market.