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Charles Chao

SINA, Chairman of the Board, CEO and President

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Charles Chao joined Sina in 1999 when the company was facing difficulties in its attempts to get a listing on the NASDAQ. He overcame this challenge by establishing Sina as a VIE (Variable Interest Entity) company, which cleared the way for a successful listing in the US.

Since then, he has served as Sina’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Operating Officer (COO) and President in September 2005, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in 2006, and finally Chairman o f the Board in this August. He is the first Chairman and CEO in company’s history. In 2009, he helped launch Sina Microblog, which has gone on to achieve great success. As of the second quarter of this year, the number of registered users of Sina Microblog was 368 million.

Charles has also made use of the Company’s platform to support public welfare undertakings in China. Currently, Sina is one of the largest venues for making donations and emergency fundraising and is one of the first internet companies to set up a charity and public welfare platform. Now, Sina has established Yang Fan Public Welfare Fund, which will enable the company to participate more effectively in charity and public welfare causes.