Life Sciences Category Winner

Che Fengsheng

Sihuan Pharmaceutical Holdings Group Ltd., Chairman of the Board and CEO

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After a career as a neurological doctor, Che Fengsheng founded Sihuan Pharmaceutical in 2001 and over a period of more than 11 years he has developed his company into one of China’s leaders in marketing, production, and research and development. The diversified products of Sihuan Pharmaceutical have covered the five major medical fields of China within more than 80 models, including cardiovascular, metabolic, tumor, central nervous system and anti-infective drugs. Since 2007, Sihuan Pharmaceutical has been first in the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drug fields in China and in 2011 increased its market share to 9.4%. Also in 2011, Sihuan Pharmaceutical became one of Top10 in the Chinese prescription drug market.

Unlike most private pharmacy enterprises that compete solely on price and marketing, Sihuan Pharmaceutical is focused on research and development. As at the the end of 2011, the innovative drug R&D team under Sihuan Pharmaceutical had become one of the largest R&D teams in China. The R&D expenses it invests in R&D every year account for 10% of its revenues.

In respect of capital operation, as early as 2007, Sihuan Pharmaceutical was listed successfully in Singapore. However, Che felt that his company was undervalued in the Singapore market and decided that Hong Kong’s capital market would be a better platform for the growth of his company in both domestic and overseas markets, so he decided to withdraw from Singapore market in 2009. On October 28, 2010, Sihuan Pharmaceutical was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and it was highly favoured by investors, for example, the share price for the first day increased approximately 30% and it earned the sobriquet “King of Frozen Funds” among all new shares listed in Hong Kong that year.