Industrial Products Category Winner

Han Xianbao

Weihua Group Co., Ltd., Chairman and President

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Since founding Weihua Group in 1988, Han Xianbao has transformed his company from a single workshop into a vast modern crane and transportation machinery manufacturing group with 22 holding subsidiaries.

Weihua Group today is known as an enterprise with the largest production and sales capabilities, greatest market share and one of the strongest brands in China’s general-purpose overhead and gantry crane industry. Ranked among the top 3 in the lifting machinery industry, the Group has played a leading role in the generalpurpose crane manufacturing sector. Weihua Group also has a vice chairman’s role on the board of the China Heavy Machinery Industry Association, the only private enterprise to win such an honor.

The remarkable achievements of Weihua Group can be attributed not only to Han Xianbao’s entrepreneurial qualities but also to his character. “Success is built on integrity, and effort will be eventually paid back,” he says. It is Han’s belief, and the philosophy of his company, that “we are forever friends even if we meet once.”