Consumer Products Category Winner

Johnny Cheng

Veeko International Holdings Limited, Chairman

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In 1984, Johnny Cheng, a young and aspiring entrepreneur (then just 27 years old) established Veeko International Holdings Limited in Hong Kong, a company mainly engaged in apparel manufacturing and wholesale distribution. Then, at the beginning of the 1990s, he made the bold decision to start the Wanko and Veeko chain of stores and sell the company’s own branded clothes.

In 2004, he saw the tremendous potential for a cosmetic retailing business in Hong Kong. This led to the establishment of the Colourmix brand, which has grown and prospered in the city’s fiercely competitive cosmetic retail industry and today contributes a significant source of revenue for the Group. Johnny Cheng received the “Hong Kong Young Industrialist Award” by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries in 2001.

In almost three decades since their establishment, Veeko and Wanko have expanded their sales network of 72 stores in Hong Kong and Macau as well as to other parts of the Asia Pacific region, with 47 outlets in Taiwan, 78 in mainland China and 15 in Singapore. Colourmix has enjoyed similar rates of growth and now has a total of 65 outlets in Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China. With over 270 stores in total, Veeko Group has become one of the largest chains in the Asia Pacific region.