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Michael Wu

Hong Kong Maxim’s Group, Chairman and Managing Director

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Michael Wu joined Hong Kong Maxim’s Group in 1992. In the beginning, he gained experience working at the store and factory level and laid good foundation of managing a catering company. In the last 10 years, Michael has become the chief force behind the transformation of Maxim’s that used to run core business of Chinese restaurants, fast food and bakery shops to a diversified catering company. Maxim’s is now Hong Kong’s largest food and beverage corporation and restaurant chain operating over 760 outlets while serving more than 600,000 people every day.

Michael’s intuition and passion for the industry helped him to establish a new line of contemporary restaurants called m.a.x. concepts in 1998 including Cafe Landmark, Thai Basil, Simplylife etc. Later in 2000, Michael introduced Starbucks to Hong Kong. He did not only bring in a coffee culture to Hong Kong, but also transformed the way people enjoy their free time. In 2006, he led Maxim’s to acquire Genki Sushi Hong Kong and later developed a Japanese Restaurant Chain that operates Genki Sushi, sen-ryo and Dondonya.

In recent years, Michael plans to use Maxim’s existing networks and experience in Southern China to extend its presence. By attracting the best and brightest from all industries, Michael also has a vision for Maxim’s to become the “Best Managed Company” in Hong Kong. Apart from delivering its guests the best dining experience possible, Michael’s commitment also extends to contribute to the society, setting an exemplary model for many to follow.