Media & Entertainment Category Winner

Wang Changtian

Beijing Enlight Media Co., Ltd., Chairman

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As the President of Beijing Enlight Media Co. Ltd., Wang Changtian has transformed his company into the country’s largest private media and entertainment group, winning him recognition as one of the most influential figures in China’s media and entertainment sector.

Since 1999, Enlight Media has grown from an eightmember team producing Chinese Entertainment News into a private media and entertainment empire in China with more than 600 employees. In 2011, the company was listed on Shenzhen’s GEM Stock Exchange. Under the leadership of Wang, Enlight Media has built the largest TV program distribution network and the largest entertainment video database in China during the past ten years. It has changed from a simple program production organization into a program management and distribution organization, and has become the biggest multimedia video content provider and distributor in China with a very important position in such sectors as TV program, movie, teleplay and entertainment, etc.

Wang Changtian has the courage to think and act on his own and would like to influence the future direction of the entertainment industry. Shrewd and pragmatic, he has all of the traits that characterize the true entrepreneur.