Industrial Products Category Winner

Zhang Tianren

Tianneng Power International Limited, Chairman

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At the beginning of China’s economic reform, Zhang Tianren noticed that the country lacked sufficient day-to-day electrical energy. He therefore decided to focus on the new energy battery industry and took over a village-run battery factory.

Over the last twenty years, he has built a leading brand and business. Despite challenges along the way, Zhang’s perseverance, focus on continuous improvement and product innovation, persistence in the industry as well as his insistence on adhering to the company’s core business, have all contributed to the success of the company. For the past four consecutive years, his company has been named China’s Best Brand of Power Batteries. Since its founding, Tianneng Group has also become the largest listed manufacturer of lead-acid power batteries in China’s electromobile market and succeeded to supply power batteries to Shanghai World Expo and more than 100 electric car manufactures.

Zhang Tianren has never forgotten his social responsibilities as a good corporate citizen, even when focused on growing his company. He has built a waste and used battery recycling plant, recycled and produced secondary lead as a new raw material for batteries, and made battery manufacturing more environmentally-friendly. He has also developed a new battery for storing wind and solar energy. All of these projects have been highly praised for bringing sustainable, energy-saving solutions to China.

In addition to his contributions in the field of energy storage, Zhang Tianren cares for his employees and the elderly. He has led his staff in joining several social welfare causes, such as earthquake relief, the Children’s Education Aid Program and the Education Aid Funds for Children from Povertystricken Families.