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Innovation makes a better society

China is transforming its economic growth model to pursue structural upgrades through reforms and innovations. The country hopes to maintain social stability after enjoying over three decades of remarkable economic expansion. The new strategy would shift focus from boosting the scale and speed of its GDP growth to enhancing economic efficiency and the livelihood of its people. The strategy would encourage more sustainable development so as to provide more social benefits for its citizens.

Chinese entrepreneurs stand at the forefront of their nation’s economic transformation. By virtue of their knowledge and unremitting efforts, they have built up momentum for continued economic growth, while confronting numerous challenges. They have integrated their business performance to fulfill a corporate social responsibility to address cultural and environmental issues through innovative ways, which have also brought about new business opportunities.

“Innovation makes a better society”. This is our theme for this year’s EY Entrepreneur of the Year China awards, which summarizes the special attributes of the entrepreneurs, especially the award winners this year.

By “innovation” we mean seeking new opportunities amidst challenges and developing creative products and services, while accelerating the advancement from “made in China” towards “Chinese designs” and “Chinese brands”. Innovation encompasses technologies, concepts, systems, business models and mechanisms, and promotes transformation of society for the better. “A better society” requires entrepreneurs to embrace corporate social responsibilities, taking into account the interests of social stakeholders in the process of business growth and becoming responsible “global corporate citizens.”

In this year’s nominations and evaluation process, we met a lot of outstanding entrepreneurs from mainland China and Hong Kong. Driven by their entrepreneurial spirit, they have drawn upon advanced international concepts to expand their strengths and have made exceptional achievements by dint of perseverance, faith and excellent teamwork.

EY feels honored to work with these outstanding entrepreneurs and help them scale even greater heights. We hope this global platform of EOY will inspire more first-rate enterprises and entrepreneurs and enable more entrepreneurs at home and abroad to draw on their experience. Hereby we would like to express our sincere thanks to all who have participated in EOY programs over the years and extend our congratulations to the award winners for their remarkable achievements. Please join us in wishing them even greater success in the future.

EY and the entrepreneurs will play an even more active role in building a better working world.

Agnes Chan, Ringo Choi
EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2013 China Co-chairmen