EY Entrepreneur Of The Year China - chairman's message

Seizing opportunities to drive reform and innovation

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I am pleased to announce the winners of the 11th EY Entrepreneur Of The Year (EOY) China awards in recognition of their extraordinary achievements and spirit of innovation.

As China’s economic growth lessens to a moderate pace, the structural reform continually pushes upgrading and optimization, and economic development has shifted from being factor-input and investment-driven to innovation-driven. Successful entrepreneurs are capable of proactively adapting to considerable changes presented by the new business environment. They identify historic opportunities to grow strategically and endeavor to overcome challenges. This entrepreneurial spirit drives the development of enterprises as well as the progress of the economy and the society.

This year’s winners of EOY China have demonstrated the power of driving reform and innovation. They are bold enough to make breakthroughs and promote transformation. By focusing on creating customer value, they have successfully improved the quality of their products and services, and reinvented themselves to enhance their competences. They are innovative enough to open up broad prospects for brand new business models or emerging industries. They have seized opportunities presented by burgeoning technologies and internet so as to achieve market leadership.

Chinese enterprises are a reflection of China’s economy. The outstanding vision and accomplishments demonstrated by these entrepreneurs show that China’s economic transition presents numerous opportunities with huge market potential. Their endless efforts contribute significantly to the economic growth and make a positive impact on industrial development and social progress. EY cherishes the entrepreneurial spirit. We appreciate the wisdom and persistence of Chinese entrepreneurs, and support them in fostering sustainable growth. We are convinced that the entrepreneurial spirit will grow stronger and more Chinese entrepreneurs will become global business leaders.

For 11 years, EOY has witnessed business leaders and entrepreneurs in China achieving extraordinary success and providing inspiration to others to drive innovations. EY is glad to work with these exceptional Chinese entrepreneurs to build a better working world and assist them in achieving greater success.

Albert Ng
Chairman, China
Managing Partner, Greater China

  • Message from EY EOY 2016 China Co-Chairmen

    A new wave of reform is emerging in China’s economy and the world. Technological advances and structural adjustment have become the two major drivers for innovation, transformation, sustained development of the economy and the improvement of living standards. In this new round of technological change, many countries around the world are committed to utilizing technological innovation as a key to breakthrough while making economic restructuring to gain the initiative in developing new industries.

    From the perspective of the current domestic development condition, although the Chinese economy is taking a “new normal” of moderate and stable growth, and the challenging pressure should not be neglected, China’s development remains in a period when great differences can be made. Also, the development of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative is bringing a broader space in which China’s economy can grow.

    For the future growth model of the Chinese economy, there is consensus to shift from production and investment driven economic growth to growth driven by innovation. As the reform of the Chinese economy progresses, the new industrialization, informatization, digitalization, urbanization and even agricultural modernization will add great vigor and creativity to the market; and as the Chinese people start their own businesses and try out their ideas, innovation will become a key engine for economic growth. This can help create jobs, increase resident income, stimulate consumption and promote vertical social mobility.

    Therefore, we set “seizing opportunity to drive reform and innovation” as the theme for this year’s EOY program to correspond with the opportunities and challenges brought by the current Chinese economy and demonstrate the contributions made by entrepreneurs in promoting social and economic development. This year marks the beginning of the second decade of the EOY program in China. In the past ten years, this program has always been organized with Chinese economic development in mind and has always been committed to exploring and awarding the most enterprising Chinese entrepreneurs.

    EY is very pleased to work with these entrepreneurs and assist them in scaling new heights. We hereby extend our sincere gratitude to all of the previous EOY participants and congratulate the winners on their extraordinary achievements. We wish them success in the future as we all work together to make real the Chinese dream.

    EY - Michael Bi
    Michael Bi
    EY Entrepreneur Of The Year
    2016 China Co-Chairman

    EY - CK Lai
    CK Lai
    EY Entrepreneur Of The Year
    2016 China Co-Chairman