EY Entrepreneur Of The Year China - chairman's message

Seizing opportunities to drive reform and innovation

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I am pleased to announce that the 11th EY Entrepreneur Of The Year China Awards are open for nominations.

With the slowdown in growth rate, the Chinese economy is endeavoring to promote structural reform, for the sake of stimulating internal forces and moving steadily forward for the long run. A series of measures aiming to deepen reform and to establish a new development system have been launched. These efforts are already paying off. The services sector has widened its lead over manufacturing, and entrepreneurship and innovation are the new trend. Compared with traditional industries, growth in high-tech industries is higher by a significant margin. Innovations in technology, business models and management keep widening the economic horizon in previously unimaginable ways. China will actively speed the transition to a sustainable growth model driven by innovation and consumption.

This transition presents numerous opportunities and huge market potential for Chinese entrepreneurs to achieve new developments and breakthroughs. Along with the shifting of China’s economic growth engine, structural reform involves transformation of traditional sectors and development of new drivers through innovation – both of which are priorities for entrepreneurs.

EY is committed to doing its part in building a better working world. We believe that the Chinese economy is moving in the desired direction, even though the journey of transformation and reform may be accompanied by painful adjustments, as many visionary Chinese entrepreneurs are tirelessly promoting China’s economic development and social progress.

The 2016 EOY China awards program aims to identify business leaders and entrepreneurs who can seize great opportunities to transform and innovate. We at EY are passionate about promoting their exceptional achievements and aspirations, and we want to assist them in achieving greater success.

Albert Ng
Chairman, China
Managing Partner, Greater China