Chen Feng, EY Entrepreneur Of The Year China 2013 winners

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year China 2013
Services Category Winner

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EOY China 2013 Services Category Winner

Chen Feng
HNA Group - Chairman

Chen Feng, chairman of HNA Group, has said that what a company should really pursue is to benefit all people with its values, and to contribute to the material well-being of human beings and to encourage more spirituality. Under his leadership, HNA Group has engaged in such pursuits.

Since his appointment as assistant to the Hainan provincial governor in air transportation, Chen has embarked on a difficult journey to establish HNA as a prominent enterprise. With more than 20 years of development, HNA has expanded from a regional airline company to a conglomerate ranked 108th of the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises, which includes China’s 4th largest aviation group, and he has created many industrial chains in aviation, tourism, logistics, finance and real estate. Under his leadership, HNA’s revenue have increased from RMB 117 million in 1993 to nearly RMB 120 billion in 2012; its total assets increased from RMB 1.24 billion in 1993 to close to RMB 360 billion in 2012; the number of its employees increased from 546 in 1993 to over 100,000 in 2012, making it one of the largest civil aviation operators in the country.

Learning English by himself, Chen has also studied in Germany, Holland and the US.  He continues to study modern Western philosophy while attaching importance to traditional Chinese culture. He writes essays with a Chinese writing brush daily no matter how busy he is, and reads classics all year round. Besides promoting the operating performance of HNA, Chen has become a role model by constantly improving and popularizing the culture and spirit of HNA.