Jimmy Tang, EY Entrepreneur Of The Year China 2013 winner

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year China 2013
Consumer Products Category Winner

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EOY China 2013 Consumer Products Category Winner

Jimmy Tang
Prince Jewellery And Watch Company - Chairman & CEO

Born of grassroots and with diligence and austerity, Jimmy Tang officially launched Prince Jewellery & Watch Company in 1984. He had the unique foresight to lead the company to become a leader in the watch industry in Hong Kong. With his strategic thinking, he identified the strong demand in the mainland market and fully acquired Just Gold in 2011, which was one of the top stories in Hong Kong at the time. He encouraged creative thinking and in particular, the Earth Live TV programme presented by Prince Jewellery & Watch has made the brand a household name.

Jimmy had dedicated to promoting the watch industry in Hong Kong. He not only funded the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair, but also actively tried to persuade world-class watch brands to participate in the exhibition in Hong Kong to bring the exhibition broader international perspective. Today, the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair has become one of the largest quality procurement platforms among its peers globally, and Jimmy’s efforts for all these years have certainly played an important role in its success. In 2006, Jimmy Tang was awarded the 7th World’s Outstanding Chinese Award, and was granted the Honorary Doctorate degree in business administration by Hampton University in the US. In 2010, Jimmy was awarded the Medal of Honor by the Hong Kong SAR. Dedicated to education for the future of society, Jimmy made a generous donation to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to set up the “Dr. Tang Kui Ming Scholarship” in 2013. In grateful recognition of Jimmy Tang’s commitment to education, the University named a lecture theatre on the University campus as “Tang Kui Ming Lecture Theatre”.

Jimmy is willing to facilitate the development of domestic watch brands in Hong Kong. He actively invites emerging watch brands to showcase in the stores in an effort to promote the value and potential of Hong Kong brands.