Liang Guangwei, EY Entrepreneur Of The Year China 2013 winner

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year China 2013
Culture and Technology Category Winner

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EOY China 2013 Culture and Technology Category Winner

Liang Guangwei
Shenzhen Huaqiang Holdings Limited - Chairman / President

Upon graduation from Shenzhen University, Liang Guangwei started to work in the injection workshop under Huaqiang Group. While performing repetitive and boring tasks, he thought about how to find a better job and have some fun doing monotonous duties. In the end, he leveraged on his computer knowledge to upgrade the process and increase the qualification rate for injection products. Due to his performance, he was soon promoted to become the assistant to the office director of the injection workshop. Liang has followed the motto, “whatever I do, I will strive to do it better than others” and has continued to utilize his strengths in different positions. In 2000, he was appointed president of Huangqiang Group at the age of 37.

Liang has been committed to the reform, transformation and upgrade of the enterprise, turning the group’s original product operation model into a capital operation model, and transforming the focus of the businesses from electronic processing and manufacturing into culture and technology. Meanwhile, Liang has advocated for the “culture + technology” development model and has led the group to achieve major breakthroughs in creative cartoons, movies with special effects, theme parks, film and television shooting. Its cultural exports have not only brought significant economic returns for the group, but also conveyed Chinese culture in a more positive manner, deepened an understanding of China in other countries, and fulfilled Liang’s wish to promote Chinese culture.