Yang Guoping, EY Entrepreneur Of The Year China 2013 winner

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year China 2013
Services Category Winner

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EOY China 2013 Services Category Winner

Yang Guoping
Dazhong Transportation (Group) Co., Ltd. - Chairman

In 1988, Yang Guoping established a new taxi brand, “Shanghai Dazhong” and assumed a leading role under The Shanghai Government’s reform implementation of the taxi industry. Shanghai Dazhong became the nation’s first joint-stock enterprise in the taxi sector, and was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange for both A and B shares in 1992. Dazhong has been recognized for its outstanding performance as an official service provider in the 2007 Special Olympics, 2008 Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai Expo events, and coupled with its services coverage across 15 cities, Dazhong is progressing towards the worldwide reputable brand category.

Under Yang’s 25 years of entrepreneurship, Dazhong’s business has diversified into a conglomerate group that offers comprehensive services for the general public, comprising three public listed companies, namely Dazhong Transportation, Dazhong Public Utilities and Jiaoda Only with combined total market capitalization of approximately RMB 18 billion. The Dazhong scope of services encompasses household gas supply, municipal work and public facility construction, finance and insurance, and healthcare. The daily volume of taxi service carriage exceeds one million passengers, the gas supply fulfills demands of 40% market share in Shanghai, the microcredit business captures the largest market share in Shanghai, and water & sewage treatment plants servicing the entire Yangtze River Delta regions.

Dazhong has promoted greater innovations since its inception, such as creating the first taxi operator equipped with advanced state of the art technologies including taximeter, GPS satellite positioning, GPRS dispatching, smart card payment, online and mobile reservation services etc. These products have enhanced its value added services to customers, while reducing carbon pollution and emptying taxi carriages that clog traffic. In 2008, it founded the “Dazhong Universal Education Sponsorship Fund” to help rebuild post earthquakes schools. In 2012, it played an active role as sponsor of charitable activities including the “Blue Ribbon Campaign” with the participation of 5,000 taxis that have benefitted autistic children.