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We would like to thank our sponsors and supporting partners for supporting us for the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2016 China awards.

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EY - Platinum sponsor - Credit Suisse

Supporting organizations


EY - China Venture Capital and Private Equity Association

EY - The Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association

EY - Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

EY - The Hong Kong Management Association

EY - Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

EY - Hong Kong Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (HKVCA)

Media Co-organizers



EY - Hong Kong Economic Journal


EY - South China Morning Post


Supporting organization
China Venture Capital and Private Equity Association

Founded in 2002, China Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (“CVCA”) is the earliest trade organization established in China. With a majority of its members driven by their overseas background, the association is an independent and market-oriented entity, aiming to promote the interests and development of the venture capital (“VC”) and private equity (“PE”) industry in the Greater China Region. Close to 100 member firms of the association collectively manage over US$700 billion in total AUM. CVCA members are representatives of the most seasoned PE/VC investors and service providers who have experienced global economic cycles. The members have made many successful investments in a variety of industries in the Greater China Region.



Supporting organization
The Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association

The Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association is an independent chamber of commerce mainly composed of companies registered in Hong Kong, solely-funded or joint ventures with original capital from the Mainland of China. Its member companies operate in almost every field of the manufacturing and service industries.

With continuous efforts since its establishment in 1991, the HKCEA has become one of most influential business chambers in Hong Kong. With the undertaking of “carrying through the policy of ‘one country, two systems’ and promoting prosperity and stability of Hong Kong”, the HKCEA and its member companies spare no efforts in contributing to the economic development and exchanges between Hong Kong and the Mainland of China.



Supporting organization
Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 1861, the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce is the oldest, yet most dynamic business organization in Hong Kong. Our members represent a wide spectrum of local, Mainland Chinese and international businesses. More than half of the flagship corporations listed on the Hang Seng Index are our members. Combined, our membership, from renowned multinationals to thriving SMEs, employ around one third of the local workforce. The Chamber serves as the voice of business, and we help our members succeed through our core functions: advocacy, knowledge-based events, networking, and a variety of business documentation services.



Supporting organization
The Hong Kong Management Association

The Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) was established in 1960. As a non-profit making professional organization, its vision is to be the leading professional organization advancing management excellence in Hong Kong and the Region.

To nurture human capital through management education and training at all levels, the Association offers over 2,000 training programmes to more than 50,000 participants annually. A diverse range of programmes are provided including Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees offered in association with various prestigious overseas universities; Diploma and Professional Diploma programmes; Certificate courses; Distance Learning courses; seminars and workshops; as well as work-oriented short courses.

To promote best practices in management, the Association also organizes eight annual business awards, which have become the highlights of the business community. The Association also provides members with a platform for the exchange of ideas, networking and personal development.



Supporting organization
Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

Comprising Science Park, InnoCentre and Industrial Estates, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) is a statutory body established in May 2001. HKSTP is dedicated to building a vibrant innovation and technology ecosystem to connect stakeholders, nurture technology talents, facilitate collaboration, and catalyse innovations to deliver social and economic benefits to Hong Kong and the region. Our work centres five key clusters (Biomedical Technology, Electronics, Green Technology, Information & Communications Technology, and Material & Precision Engineering); and the development of three overarching cross-disciplinary platforms (Smart City, Healthy Ageing and Robotics); and we also provide state-of-the-art R&D facilities and offer all-round value-added support services to our partner companies. We are committed to actualising “Innovated in Hong Kong, Designed in Hong Kong and Made in Hong Kong” advanced manufacturing value chain and propelling the development of Hong Kong’s innovation-led economy, hence opening up endless opportunity for everyone in Hong Kong.



Supporting organization
Hong Kong Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (HKVCA)

Established in 1987, the HKVCA represents over 360 corporate members. Our members include 190 private equity firms, manage over US$1 trillion in assets globally and across all types, and include seven of the world’s top ten largest private equity firms as well as small venture capital investors.

Our member firms are engaged in venture capital and private equity investments at all levels across Asia-Pacific, including venture, growth, buyout, secondary, pension, fund of funds and family offices. Our mission is to stimulate a vibrant venture capital and private equity industry in Asia while also promoting the role of member firms in value creation, innovation and economic development.

The HKVCA provides a forum for networking and experience sharing for its members; promotes industry professional ethics, international best practices and standards; and represents the views of its members before governmental and other relevant bodies.



Media Co-organizer
Yicai Media Group

Yicai Media Group, formerly branded as China Business Network, recently launched its new brand name in English as Yicai, which is the pinyin abbreviation of its official Chinese name, meaning first and best in financial and business media.

Yicai Media Group, founded in July 2003, has become China’s largest financial media conglomerate, with the widest variety of media divisions, including television, newspaper, magazine, website, mobile app, and a cluster of professional service institutes, including Yicai Data, Yicai News Agency, Yicai Research Institute and Yicai Global.

Yicai provides a wide range of products and services, including media, information, video, data, conference and forum planning, and has its own think tank.


Media Co-organizer
Hong Kong Economic Journal

Founded in 1973, the Hong Kong Economic Journal (HKEJ) is Hong Kong’s first Chinese newspaper dedicated to the coverage and in-depth analysis of current affairs. We strive in tandem with the growth of the Hong Kong economy. We believe in free-market economy, respect of knowledge and creation of wealth. Our content mix is comprised of economy, politics, wealth management, culture, art, health and science and technology, among others.

As the world moves rapidly into the digital era, we actively pursue different web-based platforms to stay ahead of the curve and to bring HKEJ to the Chinese communities around the world. With the economic status of the Greater China region rising further, the role of Hong Kong as a major center of finance and information in the region has and will continue to grow. HKEJ, as a professional media outlet, will continue to serve as an anchor and guide for those seeking to explore economic and investment opportunities in China and the world.



Media Co-organizer

NOW TV, the media division of PCCW, launched the first 24-Hour Business News Channel in Hong Kong on March 2006. We focus on the latest financial and political developments in Hong Kong, Asia and markets worldwide. The channel, running 24-Hours a day, is fast paced and instantaneous, emphasizing “live” reports and real time financial data display. Our aim is to give viewers the most update market information with prestigious neutrality, accuracy and credibility.

PCCW is the largest provider of communications services in Hong Kong and one of Asia’s leading players in Information and Communications Technologies.



Media Co-organizer
South China Morning Post

The South China Morning Post, first published in 1903, is an internationally recognised English-language newspaper renowned for its authoritative, influential and independent reporting on mainland China, Hong Kong and the rest of Asia. The SCMP reaches a global audience through SCMP.com, mobile & tablet platforms and is also available in print.

The most awarded newspaper in Hong Kong, the SCMP amassed over 200 awards in 2015-2016 in recognition of excellence in editorial, marketing and digital capabilities. The company also publishes a vast portfolio of magazines including the Hong Kong editions of Cosmopolitan, ELLE, ELLE Men, Esquire, Harper’s BAZAAR and their spin-off titles.



Social partner – Bright China Foundation

Bright China Foundation (BCF) is dedicated to offering entrepreneurship education program to youth and unprivileged people (partner with NFTE) . The main philanthropic programs include NFTE Entrepreneurship Education Program and Education support program. NFTE program offers experimental entrepreneurship classes to students through Certified Entrepreneurship Teachers (CET); Bright China Entrepreneurship Spirit Awards (BESA) encourages innovation and business practices to alumni. The microloan and mentorship service help new business owners to lower the risk. Until 2014, BCF has reached totally 216,650 alumni through the training program. BCF was rated as 5A level foundation and was qualified of tax-exempt status. BCF Hong Kong was founded in 2012. In the meantime, HKBCF and BCF promote and push forward the development of teenagers’ entrepreneurship education via the communications between teenagers from mainland and Hong Kong.



Sole supporting portal - Sina Finance

No. 1 Chinese Financial News Portal: Sina Finance, over its 16 years’ efforts, has built the most significant financial news platform for global Chinese users. The portal delivers critical information to more than 100 million domestic stock investors, with daily views of 330 million. More than 4,500 headlines are published every day, along with 1,500,000 blog articles deriving 600,000 comments.

Industry Bellwether: Sina Finance updates the real-time stock information in millisecond. Its reports set the industry standards with its consistent immediacy, accuracy, professionalism, and in the multimedia formats including texts, video, blogs, columns, etc.

Global Coverage: Sina Finance initiated and is leading the 24/7 live broadcast of global market, covering over 20 countries and regions in the world with 562 recognized and respected international columnists.