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About our wealth and asset management services

Who we are

Our global wealth and asset management network encompasses key financial centers in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, EMEIA (Europe, Middle East, India and Africa) and Japan. Globally, we have more than 15,000 professionals, including more than 1,200 partners with deep technical and business experience.

Our combination of talent and resources gives us the ability to anticipate and adapt to the rapid and accelerating changes of today’s global economy.

How we help our clients

We are the most globally connected of the Big Four organizations, operating in four integrated regions — the Americas, EMEIA, Asia-Pacific and Japan. That means our clients benefit from faster response times and customized service, as well as broad, experienced teams with deep industry knowledge and a consistent approach.

Ultimately, it enables us to help you meet your goals and compete more effectively.

Examples of our market leadership in the sector:

  • Provide services to 96% of the top 25 global asset managers
  • Provide advisory services to wealth management divisions of 7 of the top 10 global private banks
  • Provide services to more than 70% of the top 100 global hedge funds
  • Serve 65% of the top 20 global pension funds
  • Provide services to 92% of the top 25 global private equity firms
  • Provide services to all of the top 10 US mutual fund complexes
  • Provide services to all of the top 10 European asset managers
  • Audit 65% of the top 20 fund management companies in Asia-Pacific
  • Provide services to 100% of the top Prime Brokers by assets
  • Provide services to 100% of the top 10 Global Custodians by assets
  • Provide services to 8 of the top 10 sovereign wealth funds

Contact Us

Elliott Shadforth
Asia-Pacific Wealth & Asset Management Leader

+852 2846 9083


Julie Kerr
Asia-Pacific FSO Business Development Leader

+852 2629 3262


Antoinette Elias

Oceania Wealth & Asset Management Leader

+61 2829 56251 


AJ Lim

Greater China Wealth & Asset Management Leader

+86 21 2228 2929


Brian Thung

Singapore Wealth & Asset Management Leader

+65 6309 6227


Jeong Hun-You

Korea Wealth & Asset Management Leader

+82 2377 00972


Beng Yean Yeo

Malaysia Wealth & Asset Management Leader

+60 3749 58771


Andrew Fuh

Taiwan Wealth & Asset Management Leader

+886 2275 78888


Rachada Yongsawadvanich

Thailand Wealth & Asset Management Leader

+66 2264 9090


Bimo Santosa

Indonesia Wealth & Asset Management Leader

+62 21 5289 4169


Vicky B Lee-Salas

Philippines Wealth & Asset Management Leader 

+63 2894 8397

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