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Financial Services Briefing - Issue 1, 2013

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(Dec 2012, Global)
  Global banking outlook 2013-14
Our forecast examines 10 key issues facing banks in the coming years, including new pricing models, technology challenges and the importance of reputation.

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(Nov 2012, Global)
  Global banking and capital markets sector: key themes from third quarter 2012 earnings calls
Our analysis of the top themes and key performance indicators emerging from 3Q 2012 earnings calls with the largest global banks.

(Nov 2012, Australia)
  Banking Agenda - Keep the hatches battened down...but where to next? Australian banks full-year results
In this edition of Banking Agenda, we reflect on the overall performance of the major banks' year-end results, and further discuss the key challenges over the next period.

(Dec 2012, EMEIA)
  European Banking Barometer – (Northern) Autumn/Winter 2012
Our latest European Banking Barometer shows further cost cutting measures, restricted lending, and consolidation pressures will define a more cautious banking industry in the next six months.

(Dec 2012, Middle East & North Africa)
  World Islamic Banking Competitiveness Report 2013
Global Islamic banking assets held by commercial banks are set to cross US$1.8 trillion in 2013. Globally, the Islamic banking industry continues to record robust growth, with the top 20 Islamic banks registering a growth of 16% in the last three years and Saudi Arabia emerging as the largest market for Islamic assets. Read more.

(Dec 2012/Jan 2013)
  Global Insurance Outlook 2013
In his New Year’s message, Global Insurance Leader Shaun Crawford says that for insurers this year, fortune favors the brave.

Our Global Insurance Center assesses the year ahead for insurance markets around the world. Outlooks include:
  • US life-annuity
  • US property/casualty
  • Asia/Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America

(Sep 2012,
Hong Kong)
  Managing the changing landscape of retirement savings - Report on a study of administrative costs in the Hong Kong Mandatory Provident Fund system
Our report on a study of administrative costs in the Hong Kong Mandatory Provident Fund system identifies the more costly areas of administration.

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(Oct 2012, US)
  The future of life insurance - Demographic and digital disruption demand transformation in retail distribution
Shifting demographics and digital disruption are transforming long-standing retail distribution models. What strategies do carriers need to adapt to the changes?

(Oct 2012, UK)
  One step beyond: The future of long term savings and investments
To understand the challenges facing the long term savings and investments industry we explore the future of investment advice, the latest thinking around NEST and much more.

(Oct 2012, US)
  The annuity landscape - Five trends to watch for in 2012 and 2013
The economy is forcing insurance companies to revamp annuity products, features and investment options during the remainder of 2012 and into 2013. See what’s changing.