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Financial Services Briefing - Issue 1, 2013

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(Aug 2012, Australia)
  Keys to success for core systems modernisation in financial services
Based on our global work partnering with clients on their core system modernisation projects, our report on core system modernisation offers nine keys to success.

(Nov 2012, Australia)
  IT complexity — the silent killer of
business performance

If your IT costs are increasing, and your IT agility is decreasing, chances are that your organisation suffers from IT complexity. Read our article to find out how you could break the downward spiral of IT complexity.

(Nov 2012, Global)
  Financial regulatory reform: what it means for bank business models
With the pillars of reform mostly set, banks can now think strategically about reshaping and strengthening their businesses in the context of new regulation. This paper presents an overview of the global regulatory reform agenda and the impact it will have on banks’ business and operating models.

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(Nov 2012, Global)
  ViewPoints – An industry under assault:
a defining moment

Tapestry Networks and EY welcomed 13 non-executive directors from global banks to the fourth Bank Directors Summit. Summit participants discuss the need to restore trust in the banking industry and the plan for radical changes to business models. See also our Risk section for more in our ViewPoints series.

Insurance Governance Leadership Network
  We, along with Tapestry Networks, established the Insurance Governance Leadership Network (IGLN), a global network centered around non-executive directors from a select group of the largest insurers from Europe, North America and Asia.
The IGLN provides a peer-to-peer platform for participants to discuss critical issues facing the industry globally. Its primary focus is the non-executive director, but it also engages senior management (notably chief risk officers) and regulators. ViewPoints aims to capture the essence of the IGLN discussion. Please click here to access recent ViewPoints in this series.

(Feb 2013, Australia)
  Claims analytics
Having pushed underwriting and expense control levers to the limit, where can insurers look next to boost profitability? Reducing their loss ratio through analytics could be the answer.

(Nov 2012, US)
  Internal audit in the new
asset management era

The regulatory changes impacting the financial services industry require increased governance and reporting obligations from asset managers who have experienced a relatively light touch in the past. To succeed in this new era, asset managers must balance growth strategies that align with investor needs and a transformed regulatory and economic landscape.

(Oct 2012, Global)
  Tax considerations in cloud computing - Global survey report
Examining 11 countries in which cloud service providers most often conduct their operations, we provide insights into their tax environment and their operations.


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