Operational transformation

Insurance Agenda 2013

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Insurance companies around the globe are refocusing their efforts to improve overall operational efficiency, squeezing costs out of the system without impairing the overall customer service experience.

Our practical industry expertise enables us to assist businesses identify fundamental and lasting improvements in operations. Since the specifics of a firms’ business model and service offerings vary, we explore a spectrum of potential operational efficiencies.

Focus on policy systems: a tool for success


The article considers how insurers can realise the most value from their policy administration systems and, in our view, the necessary steps to get there. Please click here to read more.

(May 2013)
  Key challenges facing the insurance industry - video series
David Hollander, EY’s Global Insurance Advisory Leader, discusses the key challenges and important changes facing our insurance customers.

(Mar 2013)
  How to build analytics into the insurance value chain
This article explores how insurance companies can apply analytics to solve business problems, identify areas of value to better understand the past, control the present and embrace new opportunities in the future.

(Mar 2013)
  Top strategies for Asia-Pacific Life Insurers
This article discusses how the industry has changed, how insurers have responded and what insurers need to do now to improve profitability and achieve growth at both an Asia-Pacific and global level.

(Jan 2013)
  2013 Insurance outlook
EY’s 2013 Insurance Outlook for the Asia-Pacific regionhighlights the challenges and opportunities that insurers across the region regardless of size and footprint will face during 2013.

(Jan 2013)
  2012 Global Information Security Survey
The gap between how security is currently managed and the increasing risks is growing. In this article, we take a look at how insurers can close this gap in a continuously changing environment.

(Jan 2013)
  IT complexity – the silent killer of business performance
This article provides practical solutions for addressing IT complexity,an issue many insurers are facing. IT complexity is increasing as is evident by a combination of rising IT costs and decreasing IT agility. The article looks at four practical changes an insurer can make to their IT decision making process to help alleviate the IT complexity within their business.

(Nov 2012)
  Latest APRA LAGIC update: Focus on ICAAP and supervisory review
On 27 September 2012, APRA released its latest consultation package for the Life and General Insurance Capital (LAGIC) review.

In this article we focus on the draft Prudential Practice Guideline (PPG) covering the ICAAP and supervisory review and the key considerations for boards and senior management.