• Streamlining drug development — at scale

    Gain insight into a uniquely structured company that aims to reduce the time, cost and risk of delivering drugs to market.

  • Putting China's capital to work in the West

    With new sources emerging rapidly, China has abundant capital for outbound investment in innovative assets and technologies across numerous sectors including health and life sciences.

  • Japan: leading the way in regenerative medicine

    Japan's large and growing elderly population, plus its long-term vision for health care solutions, has led to regenerative medicine becoming key to their government strategy.

  • Embedding digital into pharma's DNA

    Pharmas have increased their interest in digital capabilities, especially for clinical trials and gathering real world evidence, as well as for consumer applications.

  • Augmenting R&D with artificial intelligence

    How can artificial intelligence better analyze research information and outcomes data to improve drug R&D? See our interview with BenevolentBIO CEO Jackie Hunter.

  • Value-based healthcare and Value Labs

    Learn in this In Vivo article how a proposed new approach to value-based contracts could help drive the shift to value-based reimbursements and drug pricing.

  • Life sciences dealmaking expected to continue

    Our Global Capital Confidence Barometer shows that policy reform and portfolio rationalization have heightened dealmaking activity across the life sciences spectrum.

  • Participatory health

    Participatory health is transforming the healthcare industry. We examine shifts in emphasis, direction and focus necessary to realise a new and disruptive paradigm.

  • Australia’s diverted profits tax

    The centralization of intellectual property and functions into regional or global hubs is one of the main drivers of efficiency for life sciences multinational enterprises.

Life Sciences

Finding sustainability in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical technology

Amplified business decisions are the new norm thanks to rapid changes. From new market entrants and regulatory reform to expiring patents and the growing challenge of chronic diseases, leaders in the life sciences community must explore a new course to address the changing climate for health care — one driven by patients and focused on health outcomes.

Our Global Life Sciences Center brings together a worldwide team of professionals to help you achieve your potential.

We cover key issues in these areas:

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