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Getting governance right for growth

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EY - Getting governance right for growth

Organizations need to protect investor confidence. How can businesses get governance right in order to attract and retain investors?

Look beyond the structure

Structure is important, but businesses need to ensure their processes work with their strategy and needs.

Manage your reputation

Reputations are slowly built but easily damaged. Adopting a good governance process helps to maintain reputation in the market. Engage and inform stakeholders to build confidence. Regularly disclose business performance, hold roadshows and participate in conferences to keep up with the market.

Build relationships beyond the board

Boards should look beyond the relationship with management. Expectations of shareholders change all the time and the board needs to be able to respond. A good board involves consumers, employees and considers the environment.

The panel was moderated by George Chan, Partner, Assurance Leader – China Central, EY China. The panelists were: Professor Brian K. Boyd, Head and Chair Professor, Department of Management, College of Business, City University of Hong Kong; George Hongchoy, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, The Link Management Limited; Betty Yuen, Vice Chairman, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited; Diana Shin, Partner, Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services, EY China.

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