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Panel: Growth through private equity and venture capital

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EY - Panel: Growth through private equity and venture capital

Like entering a marriage, you want your relationship with private equity to result in a happy union, so how do you make sure your partnership works?

Our panel had this advice for entrepreneurs thinking of partnering with private equity investors:

  • Choose a partner that is suitable for you rather than one you think is the best in the market, to do this you need to put your heart and your head into the decision
  • Know what you want from the investor and work with one that has the resources to deliver what you need
  • Be prepared to work through challenges together, be open-minded and willing to accept change
  • Communicate, collaborate and find chemistry with your investors

They also advised entrepreneurs not to underestimate how important information systems are to creating value. An effective data management system can give you competitive advantage, make you more attractive to buyers and more successful in the public market.

These insights are from a panel moderated by Bob Partridge, Private Equity Leader – Asia Pacific, Transaction Advisory Services, Greater China, EY. The panelists were Wayne Wen-Tsui Tsou, Managing Director, Carlyle Asia Growth Partners; William Shen, Senior Partner, Head of Greater China, Headland Capital Partners; Chenning Zhao, Co-founder and Partner, FountainVest Partners; Francis Leung, Managing Partner, CVC Capital Partners.

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