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What’s supercharging the cleantech industry?

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EY - What’s supercharging the cleantech industry?

Cleantech ecosystems

To achieve sustainable growth, cleantech companies need to find partners who have the same vision at different parts of the value chain. From production to transmission to consumerism – a sustainable future is reliant on collaboration and innovation.

Rise of energy ‘prosumers’

Consumers no longer simply use energy, they can now also produce energy. For example, solar power can come from sources such as clothing or a single household. Whoever owns the technology, owns the power.

Innovative business models

There is a market for cleantech technology and solutions, but the biggest challenge is economic viability. Companies now have the willingness to commit to bringing renewable energy to the market, and innovation-friendly government policies are important to make it a reality.

Innovation-friendly government policies

Governments play a key role to enable innovation through policies that support research and development. By responding to market developments, they can unleash the creativity .

The panel was moderated by Alan Beebe, EY China, Executive Director, Cleantech Advisory Services. The panelists were: Frank Mingfang Dai, Chairman and CEO, Hanergy Solar Group Ltd; Carina Ho, Senior Vice President Global Strategy and Development, Schneider Electric; Heinz Gisel, President, Sika Asia-Pacific Management Pte Ltd; Executive VP, Sika Group; Veronica Wu, Vice President China, Tesla Motors.

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