Hong Kong 2013-14 Tax Facts

Salaries Tax

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Charged on Hong Kong sourced remuneration inclusive of certain benefits in kind. Housing benefit is one source of relief, and is subject to preferential tax treatment, generally at an equivalent rate of 10% of an employee’s non-housing remuneration.

Other forms of relief include:

  • “60 days exemption” rule for both Hong Kong and foreign employment
  • “Days-in-days-out” calculation rule for foreign employment

Tax rates and allowances

The tax charge is the lower of:

  1. the standard rate of 15% applying to net chargeable income before personal allowances
  2. the progressive rates applying to net chargeable income
Progressive rates 2013-14 2012-13
First HK$40,000 at 2% 2%
Next HK$40,000 at 7% 7%
Next HK$40,000 at 12% 12%
On the remainder at 17% 17%

Personal allowances 2013-14 (HK$) 2012-13 (HK$)
Basic allowance (single) 120,000 120,000
Married person’s allowance* 240,000 240,000
Child allowance (each)
1st to 9th child
‧Year of birth
‧Other years


Dependent parent or grandparent allowance (each)
Aged 60 and above
‧Residing with taxpayer
‧Not residing with taxpayer
Aged 55 to 59
‧Residing with taxpayer
‧Not residing with taxpayer




Dependent brother or sister allowance (each) 33,000 33,000
Single parent allowance 120,000 120,000
Disabled dependent allowance (each) 66,000 66,000
* Granted to a married person whose spouse does not have any assessable income; or to a person who, together with his or her spouse, have elected joint assessment.

Self-education expenses and concessionary deductions- maximum limits 2013-14 (HK$) 2012-13 (HK$)
Self-education expenses 80,000 60,000
Elderly residential care expenses 76,000 76,000
Home loan interest* 100,000 100,000
Mandatory contributions to recognized retirement schemes 15,000 15,000
Approved charitable donations Tax deductible up to 35% of assessable income Tax deductible up to 35% of assessable income
* 15 years of relief in total