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 Pro forma financial information - A guide for applying Article 11 of Regulation S-X (SCORE no. CC0416)    Quantity  
 SEC Comment and Trends: An analysis of current reporting issues (SCORE no. CC0421)    Quantity  
 2015 SEC annual reports - Form 10-K (SCORE no. CC0425)    Quantity  
 2016 SEC quarterly reports - Form 10-Q (SCORE no. CC0426)    Quantity  
 2016 proxy statements - An overview of the requirements (SCORE no. CC0427)    Quantity  
 Financial Reporting Developments - Fair value measurement (SCORE no. BB1462)    Quantity  
 Financial Reporting Developments - Consolidated and other financial statements (SCORE no. BB1577)    Quantity  
 Financial Reporting Developments - Issuer's accounting for debt and equity financings (SCORE no. BB2438)    Quantity  
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