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Jordan or officially, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, seamlessly combines ancient heritage with high standards of education and advanced communication technology. Its total area is around 92,300 sq km and its population is about 6.46 million. The land is mostly arid desert with a rainy season from November to April. The local time is GMT+2 hours.

The official language is Arabic and English is used widely in commerce and government. 95 percent of Jordan's populations are Arabs and Islam is the major religion.

Amman, the capital, has continued to follow IMF guidelines, practicing careful monetary policy, and making substantial headway with privatization.

Privatized firms have boosted economic growth and helped Jordan’s role in the global economy. Jordan’s WTO membership in 2000 and the establishment of the Aqaba Special Economic Zones (ASEZ) have encouraged foreign investors to take advantage of Jordan’s opportunities. The Jordan-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is a unique prospect for Jordan to accelerate economic growth through increased U.S. trade and investment. Moreover, microfinance projects have been a source of funding to small businesses in Jordan and have aided those less privileged in society.

Jordan's ICT sector is the most developed and competitive in the region and constitutes approximately 14 percent of Jordan’s GDP. The sector has shown an annual growth on average of 25 percent, accordingly ; Jordan is focusing on major ICT initiatives aiming at developing this sector.

Jordan Office

EY has been operating in Jordan since 1953 and is the largest audit and business advisory firm in the country. our operations in Amman have grown to encompass over 300 employees under the management of eight local partners.

Services offered

EY is the largest professional firm in Jordan providing assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services.


Our clients range from family businesses to large multinational corporations and include government and public sector companies. In addition to banks, our clients’ portfolio includes manufacturing companies, hotels, trading and insurance.


The office is located at the eight circle of Amman, 300 King Abdalla Street.
Tel: + 962 6 5800777
For more information please contact Bishr Baker the Office Managing Partner.