EY Insight

"Where do I want to work after I graduate?" It's not an easy decision, and to be honest, we're relieved we've already gone through it. But we remember what it's like, and we want to make that process easier for you. Here is some real insight into what Ernst & Young is all about — who we are, what we do, and how you can join us.

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EY 360

You wanted to know what our lives are like—in and out of the office. We found some willing EY volunteers from offices around the country. We interviewed them. We videotaped them. We invaded their lives. Here are their real stories.

Picture Yourself

Maybe you can see yourself fitting in at EY, but you just aren't sure where. Tell us what you're into, and let us point you in a few directions. Then gain access to quick facts, comparisons and videos so you can fully explore the real possibilities at EY.

Interview Insider

You like the people, you're excited about the work. Now you want to know how to get your foot in the door. Get real advice from people who've already made it through.