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Etenkin taantuman jälkeen markkina-aseman vahvistaminen on noussut äärimmäisen tärkeäksi liiketoiminnan kasvun edellytykseksi. Yritysten tulee tunnistaa uudet toimintamahdollisuudet ja erottua kilpailijoista strategisesti.

Asiantuntijamme auttavat kehittämään yrityksesi liiketoimintamallia ja arvioivat kasvumahdollisuutenne.

Malta attractiveness survey 2016: the future is today

Eighty-seven percent of investors believe Malta is attractive to FDI, and nearly 58% believe it will remain so in the near future. Read the details.

European attractiveness survey shows resilience

In 2015, Europe attracted record levels of foreign direct investment, even amidst the migration crisis and sluggish growth. Learn trends by sector, city and more.

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2015 Malta attractiveness survey

Foreign investor’s confidence in Malta’s attractiveness is high and rising. They are drawn by its political, legal and regulatory stability and the legislative framework.

2015 Africa attractiveness survey

Our 2015 Africa attractiveness survey – Making choices, reveals that  Africa’s share of foreign direct investment (FDI) value increases despite the falling number of investment projects in Africa.

European attractiveness survey 2015

In 2014, Europe attracted US$305b of investment funding, up 36% from 2013. It’s projected that Europe’s attractiveness will improve further over the next five years.

Emerging markets impact Europe's FDI

In this extract from our 2014 European attractiveness survey, we take a closer look at the role that emerging markets have played in Europe’s FDI story.

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