Community engagement on a global basis

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As a responsible employer, we encourage our people to apply their workplace skills to create positive change in communities close to home and around the world. And as a global business leader, we join with organizations like the Private Sector Leaders Forum of the World Bank, the World Economic Forum and Transparency International to help find ways to address the social and economic challenges of our time.

We channel our corporate responsibility efforts into three key areas – education, entrepreneurship and the environment – that complement our business strategy and are critical to strengthening market economies.

Volunteering is an important part of our culture, but we don't simply provide an extra pair of hands. We contribute more to our communities and give our people more meaningful experiences by tapping into our professional skills and capabilities. Our people serve on not-for-profit boards, support schools, mentor students, assist high-impact entrepreneurs and strive to reduce our environmental footprint.

Below are some examples of ways we bring our commitment to community engagement to life.

Skills-based volunteering = career development

EYU, EY's learning and development framework, lists “community engagement” as a key professional development experience. With skills-based volunteering, our people gain new experience in project management, teamwork and leadership while giving back in a way that brings real value to their communities.

Global Corporate Responsibility working group

With offices spread across 140 countries, we strive to make a difference on the small scale and the large – we believe both are important. A working group of EY leaders sets strategy for our community engagement and coordinates our efforts worldwide. At the same time, individual members of the group seek out and create the most promising opportunities for our people to contribute locally, in the communities where they live and work.

Embedding corporate responsibility in our major milestone events

EY professionals come together at different milestones in their career. Our interns participate in an International Intern Leadership Conference, our new hires attend a Welcome to EY program and promotions to manager, senior manager and director are marked by “Milestone” meetings focused on leadership development. At all of these events, our people hear about our commitment to corporate responsibility and experience it first hand. For example, participants in the EMEIA New Manager/Assistant Director program learned how to shrink their own carbon footprint, and were part of a community engagement activity which raised money to support relief efforts in Pakistan.

Promoting dialogue and action through the World Economic Forum and the World Bank

EY is one of the 1,000 member companies of the World Economic Forum and one of 95 Strategic Partners. As a member, we contribute to working groups, participate in roundtables and speak on panels. We send senior leaders to attend the Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Dalian, China; the annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland; and regional summits. We also join with other Global Private Sector Leaders in our support for the World Bank Gender Action Plan, a multi-year initiative to expand economic opportunities for women across the globe.

Fighting corruption with Transparency International

Since 2006, EY has been a sponsor of some of Transparency International's most widely distributed studies, including the Corruption Perceptions Index, the Bribe Payers Index and the Global Corruption Barometer.

Sichuan earthquake, Hurricane Katrina, 2004 tsunami, September 11th

These events not only forever changed the lives of their victims, they changed the world. Following the 2004 tsunami, EY Indonesia developed the EY Disaster Relief Toolkit, which offered not-for-profit organizations ways to manage charitable contributions in the wake of a disaster by establishing systems of accountability and control. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, our people made a generous contribution to disaster relief; EY matched the first $2 million in donations.

Please note: EY does not accept unsolicited request for funding or volunteer engagements.