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Supporting the workforce of tomorrow

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Through our peoples’ time and skills, we invest in the education of tomorrow’s workforce to ensure that the skills and characteristics required to enable businesses and societies to thrive are available. 

Through skills based volunteering, our people are helping young students continue in education and stay on track.  It makes a big difference to the lives of individuals but it is also helping to increase the skills and education of the next generation of workers.

Here are a few of our initiatives around the world:

NextGen (Africa)

It was launched in South Africa in 2012, the program selects a group of young girls to attend a unique and exciting curriculum to prepare them for university and beyond. They complete an innovative course in leadership, entrepreneurship, and African studies.

The program aims to make great strides in a continent where only about one third of women participate in local economic activity.  We see great possibility in the economic force that women in Africa could represent, if nurtured and developed because the continent cannot reach its potential with half its resources untapped.

Pathways to education (Canada)

It helps youth in low-income communities graduate from high school and successfully transition into post-secondary education. It provides a comprehensive set of academic, financial and social support to young people.

Our people volunteer with Pathways as mentors to help break down systemic barriers to education. 

The College Mentoring for Access and Persistence (MAP) program (U.S.A)

It identifies economically challenged high school students who have the potential to succeed in college but need some extra help creating the “MAP” that will take them there. We work with College for Every Student (CFES), a non-profit organization committed to raising the academic aspirations of underserved young people so that they can prepare for, gain access to, and succeed in college. CFES has helped more than 100,000 underserved young people in 540 schools.

Smart Futures (UK)

It is designed to unlock career opportunities for ambitious and motivated young students from some of London's most underprivileged boroughs. Launched in 2012, the program selects young students who then have the opportunity to develop their skills and business knowledge through a series of practical experiences. It's a great way for our mentors to engage with young people as they consider their work and life options.

TEAM Program (Australia)

It is seed funded, developed and led by our people across the country.  TEAM's aim is to encourage young disadvantaged high school students to continue learning in the areas of mathematics and technology – subjects they are dropping out of at a historically high rate and which are key skills for future employability.

Please note: EY does not accept unsolicited requests for funding or volunteer engagements.