Helping businesses accelerate and build sustainable value

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We dedicate our best resources – our talented people – to improving the success of promising entrepreneurs in emerging markets. We help them accelerate their business and build sustainable economic value.

Working with Endeavor, a nonprofit organization that develops high-impact entrepreneurs in emerging markets, we enable our people to spend up to seven weeks with an entrepreneur, helping them develop their business, build their skills and acquire a global mindset.

In addition to giving intensive professional support, we help Endeavor in a number of other ways, such as:

  • Taking part in its international selection panels where high-impact entrepreneurs are identified
  • Providing exceptional enterprise sessions and virtual mentoring

Endeavor-supported businesses experience an average growth rate of 59% in the first two years of engaging with the organization, making these entrepreneurs a force for positive economic and social change as they are create jobs, drive innovation and revitalize their communities.

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