EY - Building sustainable opportunities for women at all levels

Building sustainable opportunities for women at all levels

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We recognize the power of women to spur business and economic growth around the world. Over the next decade, the potential impact of women on the global economy — as producers, entrepreneurs, employees and consumers — will be at least as significant as that of China and India. Yet there is a wide gap between potential and present-day reality.

Women's access to boardroom seats is alarmingly slight, even in developed markets, and in many rapid-growth markets, women have few or no rights to own property, little access to education and stringent social and cultural restrictions against joining the labor force.

While notable progress has been made toward gender equality, much more remains to be done to open the playing field for women’s equal participation in business, sport, society and the economy.

EY is proud to support and convene inspiring women around the world through collaboration, sponsorship and networks, covering the public, private and nonprofit sector. And even before women begin their careers, we are helping girls access the right skills so that they can become inspiring young women and future leaders.

As a global employer of more than 175,000 people in more than 150 countries, we understand the critical business importance of gender equity. We have been recognized as a leader in fostering a global workplace culture where people can achieve their potential.

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