In the spotlight: social entrepreneurship

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Over the years, many Entrepreneur Of The Year country programs have honored an inspiring and successful social entrepreneur with the Social Entrepreneur Of The Year award.

EY is proud to collaborate with the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, a sister organization of the World Economic Forum, in the presentation of the Social Entrepreneur Of The Year award in several countries.

What makes a social entrepreneur?
Social entrepreneurship is about applying practical, innovative and market-oriented approaches to benefit the marginalized and the poor. A social entrepreneur is one who has created and leads an organization, whether for-profit or not, that is aimed at catalyzing large scale and systemic social change through the introduction of new ideas, methodologies and changes in attitude.

Social Entrepreneur Of The Year winners

Read about the Social Entrepreneur Of The Year programs in:

 Entry criteria

If you would like to nominate a social entrepreneur for this prestigious award, read more about the entry criteria.

The African challenge

Three of Ireland’s Entrepreneur Of The Year winners received a Social Entrepreneurship baptism of fire when they responded to a challenge to witness the hardship in Africa for themselves. With one week to create an enterprise that would benefit the community, the entrepreneurs found themselves deeply involved in some of the continent’s issues.