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EY Growth Navigator: your journey to market leadership
If you or your clients are looking for insights into how to achieve the next level of growth and success, it would be worth booking an EY Growth Navigator session with one of our senior EY partners at EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™. The EY Growth Navigator is the definitive guide to sustainable growth, spanning seven pillars that are critical to business success.

It allows CEOs and their leadership team to self-assess their company against leading practices, gain valuable insights and identify specific next steps on their journey to market leadership.

The guide is presented in a dynamic, interactive app that allows client executives to benchmark their current business practices against comprehensive maturity models. These are brought to life with insights from leading businesses that will provide new perspectives on how to approach key issues.

As a leading entrepreneur, or a partner who works with them, you’ll understand that the most successful businesses are continuously evolving in response to shifts in markets, trends and customer behavior and expectations. The EY Growth Navigator provides the opportunity to explore what’s next for your client in terms of how to:

  • Increase the value of your customer base
  • Create a high-performing team and culture
  • Exploit the opportunities created through digital technologies
  • Optimize your operations
  • Develop a funding strategy for growth
  • Achieve powerful strategic alliances, partnerships and acquisitions
  • Establish leading risk management

If you or your client would benefit from a more in-depth private session, please contact Matt Wright at to book your session.
Growing Beyond Borders
The popular Growing Beyond Borders (GBB) tool will be demonstrated through a series of walk-up GBB sessions held as well as more in-depth one-hour private client sessions.

If you or your client would benefit from a more in-depth one-hour private session, please contact Christa McHale ( to book your session.  
About GBB
Growing Beyond Borders™ is an EY-owned and designed tool that visually represents data over the world’s geography. Designed to be used collaboratively alongside a client, it offers a new, highly interactive approach to working with clients around their cross-border strategies and better understanding their risks. GBB allows you to:

  • Obtain a clear view of their global business opportunities and challenges compared to their competitors
  • Understand the impact of many different critical external factors — all in one go
  • Be able to take an uncluttered, objective view of their world and scenario-test their strategies
  • Challenge themselves on the target of their growth aspirations or the appropriateness of the current footprint
  • Critically look at their risk and compliance issues across the world in an entirely new way

To demonstrate how Growing Beyond Borders™ works, please watch our three minute insight video to show the type of insights your client can explore during their session. Please share with your contacts.

Private Equity Value Creation Center of Excellence
Value creation is a critical aspect of private equity ownership. EY’s Private Equity Value Creation Center of Excellence provides you with the best content from across EY to help you grow your PE-backed business and achieve more value at exit. In addition, our annual value creation studies take an in-depth look at how private equity investors create value in their portfolio companies around the world.

Visit us in Monaco or contact us today for a private session around PE value creation.


What we can offer:
If you or your client would benefit from a more in-depth one-one-one session in Monaco around how PE investors create value, please contact Stephanie Oster at to book your session.

Stephanie Oster, (before the event)
Michael Rogers, (in Monaco)

EY’s Global IPO Center of Excellence:
The Global IPO Center of Excellence is an EY-developed tool that pools together everything we know about IPOs in one virtual online hub, giving you fast, efficient access to essential IPO information.

The Center provides access to current trends about the IPO market and options to exit, as well as historical IPO market trends. It includes our interactive online tool — IPO insights: facts and figures  — which provides a high-level overview of IPO activity by geography, industry or stock market.

Other resources in the Center include:

  • Information on where to list and methods of raising capital
  • Information on the types of preparations needed for an IPO listing and the issues facing pre-IPO and recently public companies
  • Webcasts, videos and thought leadership on current IPO trends and issues
  • Information about the events we host worldwide

To find more valuable guidance for your IPO journey, come visit us at the Winter Gardens or online at
IPO readiness sessions

EY’s IPO readiness session are the first step in your company’s “IPO value journey” — they are designed to guide your company through a successful transformation from private to public status.
Unpredictable IPO markets make IPO readiness and internal preparation more important than ever. At EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ 2014, we are offering a more in-depth private session with one of our IPO leaders to discuss your company’s plan for an IPO or strategic transactions.
If you or your client would benefit from a private session, please contact Eva Chan at to book your session.

EY Global Family Business Center of Excellence - Succeeding for generations

Harnessing the power of our Global Family Business Center of Excellence

The EY Global Family Business Center of Excellence is designed to support family businesses and their owners wherever they operate in the world. The Center brings together advisors from across the EY global network to share knowledge and insights that will address family business challenges and provide a seamless service for globally based family-led businesses.

EY Junior Academy: fostering entrepreneurship across generations

We created the EY Junior Academy to offer a range of unique and exclusive one-week training events that help the next generation of entrepreneurs explore their individual potential, while learning about the challenges of running a family business. The EY Junior Academy aims to inspire, motivate and encourage self-exploration by combining teaching from leading international executive business schools with practical experience and advice from EY.

Online resources

Visit our Global Family Business Center of Excellence online at for the latest news from the Center, to download our latest thought leadership and to find out who in our global network of experienced family business practitioners is nearer to you.