EY - Argentina winner

Nicolas Szekasy

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Hernan Kazah

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Kaszek Ventures

Profile video

Nicolas Szekasy and Hernan Kazah founded Kaszek Ventures in 2011 with the vision of building the leading venture capital firm in Latin America by helping outstanding entrepreneurs build transformative, knowledge-based companies.

Since then, the partners have raised US$430m from long-term technology partners globally, invested in 50 companies that have created 11,000 highly qualified jobs, and become the largest VC in the region with portfolio companies based in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile and the US.

The Kaszek team are known for their ability to spot the next tech talent and for their hands-on approach. They like to “roll up their sleeves and be on the battlefield” alongside the company founders they invest in.

Their dream is to be key agents of change, bringing investments, innovation and prosperity to the region.