EY - Chile winner

Víctor Moller


Hortifrut S.A. | @hortifrut

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In the early 1980s, the world’s berry industry was local, seasonal and monoproductive. In 1983, Víctor Moller had an innovative idea that became his dream: “All Berries, to All the World, All Year Round.”

He defined Hortifrut’s unique business model as an integrated global company — breeding, growing, processing, logistics, and owned sales platforms and brands — selling directly from global farms to the global customers.

Based in Chile, Víctor built long-term alliances with more than 30 multicultural partnerships along the whole value chain. From Chile to Spain, Morocco, England, Germany, the US, India, China, Peru, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, partners were selected for being the top operators in their countries and specific fields.

Víctor has had to overcome numerous obstacles since his early years to fulfill his dream, which today is a global berry business platform whose network places more than 600 million packages with joint sales of more than US$1b in 2016.