EY - Croatia winner

Mate Rimac


Rimac Automobili d.o.o.

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Inventor and innovator Mate Rimac is disrupting the car industry — not from Silicon Valley but from his home country of Croatia. At the age of 19, he started tinkering with automobiles in a borrowed garage. When the engine on his 1984 BMW 3 series blew up, he fitted it with an experimental electric vehicle drivetrain. The conversion from a traditional combustion engine to electrical power was so successful that Mate’s re-engineered car gained five FIA approvals and a Guinness World Record as fastest accelerating electric vehicle.

This was the catalyst Mate needed to seek out investors to fund his dream to build a groundbreaking, custom electric car from scratch. By 2009, he had managed to pull off what many thought impossible, and Rimac Automobili was born.

The company now employs 350 people from 25 different countries and manufactures the fastest electric car in the world with 1,914hp and a maximum speed of 412km/h. Mate wants to encourage people to switch from fossil fuels to electric vehicles sooner by making them exciting and fun.

As for his journey, Mate says, “Being an entrepreneur is one’s life mission. It means being comfortable at the edge of uncertainty. It means sticking with it, even on bad days. The opportunity to make a true difference makes up for it.”