EY - Denmark winner

Søren K. Vilby


Micro Matic A/S

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In 1974, C.C. Nielsen and Svend-Aage Nielsen acquired Micro Matic with a clear vision: to grow the company into the world market leader in draft beer dispensing equipment. They succeeded. Since then, Micro Matic has pioneered a succession of functional, cost-effective and great-looking beer dispensing solutions and services.

That success has been propelled by a clear investment strategy from the owners, bold and purposeful leadership from CEO Søren Vilby and a great team of people.

The charitable mindset and entrepreneurial spirit of the owners — evidenced by the number of local start-ups they continue to support — and continuous investment in state-of-the-art technology have made Micro Matic and its owners a role model for 21st-century manufacturing companies.