EY - Israel winner

Sami Sagol


Keter Group

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When Sami Sagol was young, he dreamed of becoming a scientist. But instead he decided to join his father’s business, a small old-fashioned company in Jaffa producing plastic products such as combs and housewares. Today, Keter Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of plastic consumer products. It is a global trendsetter in the do-it-yourself, household and garden products markets with revenues exceeding US$1b.

Sami had a very clear vision and adhered to his beliefs, even when they provoked skepticism among others. His persistence has proven worthwhile. In November 2016, Sami sold 80% of Keter Group to a private equity firm based on a valuation of almost US$1.7b. Sami is now focusing on his scientific dreams and his family’s social projects.