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Motokuni Takaoka

President and CEO

airweave inc.
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“Business as usual” was the last thing on the mind of Stanford-educated engineer Motokuni Takaoka when he took over his uncle’s struggling fishing line factory in Japan in 2004. After intensive experimentation, Takaoka discovered that the resin fiber of fishing lines could be repurposed for mattresses.

Motokuni re-engineered the factory’s machinery to create the unique three-dimensional intertwined weave now known as airfiber. Building on this innovation, airweave mattresses provide higher-quality sleep thanks to their ergonomic, breathable design. The first airweave mattresses shipped in 2007. Japanese consumers’ enthusiastic response quickly drove revenues to the US$100m mark.

Thought leaders in athletics, art and business worldwide are embracing airweave. These elite early adopters know that a good night’s sleep is paramount to peak performance throughout the day or, as Motokuni puts it, that “tomorrow starts tonight.”