EY - Malaysia winner

MK Goh


Karex Berhad

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MK Goh joined his family’s business, Karex, in 1999 and took over the sales and marketing division. The company had an annual turnover of MYR7m and a total staff of 60 people. Since then MK has grown Karex, a manufacturer of condoms and other medical devices, to over 2,500 staff and a revenue of MYR300m.

MK’s attention to detail and strong determination have grown the small family business his grandfather started 50 years ago into a global manufacturer with multiple product lines that exports to more than 110 countries across Africa, Asia, America and Europe.

MK maintains a hands-on approach and positive attitude that stem from his involvement with the business since he was a student. As a result, he has in-depth knowledge about the business while remaining approachable and relatable to the staff.