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Sergio Chufani Abarca


Constructora Chufani

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As a child, Sergio Chufani Abarca loved to watch builders in action. It was no surprise that he went on to graduate with a degree in Civil Engineering, and in 1988, he founded his own construction business, Constructora Chufani.

At the beginning it was just Sergio and his five employees, and it was tough to juggle multiple roles. “I was director, accountant, buyer and occasionally bricklayer and machine operator,” he recalls.

In spite of the company’s size, it managed to compete with much larger firms by always going the extra mile. Constructora Chufani would offer more efficiency both in terms of costs and lead times. “It gave us a place in the market that we never lost,” he explains.

Sergio has grown the company considerably since then. Today, Constructora Chufani employs more than 300 staff and 3,500 contractors and masons. It reported an annual turnover of US$200m and is considered one of the top 10 construction companies in Mexico, as well as a leader in environmentally sound projects.