EY - Poland winner

Marcin Grzymkowski


eobuwie.pl S.A.

Profile video

Marcin Grzymkowski is the CEO of eobuwie.pl, a Polish leader in online footwear and leather goods. He has transformed a brick-and-mortar business into a modern digital enterprise that operates across borders.

While still in college, Marcin decided to create an online version of the footwear shops run by his parents. With an interest in e-commerce, some technical skills and a small investment in a camera, he built the company’s first website at a time when people believed that shoes had to be tried on before customers would purchase them.

For the past nine years, the company has continued to increase its sales annually. Today, eobuwie.pl sells 35,000 pairs of shoes a day. The company operates in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, the UK, Bulgaria and Romania and plans further expansion into foreign markets.