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Natalya Kaspersky


InfoWatch Group | @InfoWatchNews

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Natalya Kaspersky is the CEO of InfoWatch, which develops software products and integrated solutions to safeguard the information security of organizations and combat external and internal security threats.

In 2001 when Natalya was CEO of Kaspersky Lab (KL), the company’s release of antispam software brought an idea: “If we can filter incoming mail from spam, why not filter outgoing messages to stop data losses?” The prototype was successful, and in 2003 KL formed a subsidiary, InfoWatch, to bring it to market.

Natalya stepped back as CEO of KL in 2007 and bought out InfoWatch. The company had low revenue and huge losses, and its market in Russia was nonexistent. Natalya established a professional association, a journal and an annual conference to drive demand. Today, InfoWatch is a clear leader in Russia and a notable player in Western Europe, the Middle East and Asia.